Steph from the Frenchcountry side…

What are 3 words to describe Maple & Fitz? Generous, genuine and warm.

How did you find Maple & Fitz? I had just moved to London and I was wandering in the city between The Wallace Collection and The National Gallery when I randomly stumbled across a “join our team” sign on the shop window.  A few days later, I was part of the team!

Why did you come to London? I wanted a new challenge which meant going to a new city on my own and not just any city, a big city (which is the total opposite from my French countryside childhood).

What makes Maple & Fitz different? We are a healthy eatery but making nutritious food delicious, fun and exciting is our ultimate goal.  I grew up in an intense foodie family and food always had a really important role in my life. People say they “eat to live” .  For me however, eating is a much more than that – I “live to eat” and I always try to eat mindfully cherishing the moment, flavours and ingredients.

What’s next? I look forward to continuing this crazy adventure with the Maple & Fitz family and hope to really help drive the marketing behind this start up!

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