How can I reduce my sugar intake?

In his recent budget, the UK Chancellor, George Osborne, announced a sugar tax on the soft drinks industry – a move hailed by campaigners as a positive step in the fight against obesity, specifically in children. Sweetened drinks are the single largest source of sugar in children and teenagers, one of the largest in adults, and current estimates are that children and adults consume over twice the maximum recommended daily intake of sugar per day.

Taxing fizzy drinks is a great thing because it raises general awareness of the negative effects of sugar. How much notice have you really been paying though? Potentially not much because you don’t think it really affects you. However, perhaps it’s a good opportunity to think about your personal sugar consumption and take a look at how sugar may be affecting you in your day-to-day life?

Perhaps it’s that 3pm energy slump you get every day that sees you reaching for a chocolate bar to wake you up? Or could it be the packet of biscuits you devour when you’re on the sofa after a difficult day at work, which just seem to make things feel better? What are the reasons for these uncontrollable sugar cravings and how can you keep them in check?

What about the fact that a serving of your favourite ‘healthy’ cereal actually contains over half the recommended daily allowance of sugar even though it seems natural. How do you know how much sugar you should be having in a day and how do you decipher that on food labels?

How about the simple truth that you love going out and having a drink but now you’re concerned about the sugar levels in alcohol? What are the best low sugar booze options? And when you think about it, yes, sugar causes obesity and tooth decay but what other effects can it have on the body?

We’ll be talking about all of the above and more in the next MISSION x Maple & Fitz Workshop; which takes place on Thursday 5th May.

Flyer Workshop 2 Sugar Billetto-01Sugar-Free Me will teach you how to reduce your sugar consumption and how to identify hidden sources in the food we buy. You’ll understand how your lifestyle can cause sugar cravings, gain practical tips on managing cravings and discover how to prepare meals which support your energy levels throughout the day while using natural unrefined sugars for those occasional sweet treats. Food will be provided, and the session includes a mini cooking demonstration by Le Cordon Bleu Trained Chef and owner of Maple & Fitz, Adria Wu, using wholesome and unprocessed ingredients to ensure you come away with the skills to create healthy sugar-free meals for yourself.

All those questions that come up when you take a good look at your personal sugar intake will be answered.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Date: Thursday 5th May 2016
Time: 6.30-8.30pm
Location: Maple & Fitz, 36A Berners Street, Fitzrovia, London W1T 3LY
Tickets: £30 (2 hour workshop, mini cooking demonstration and meal included)

Guest blog post by Ollie Oshodi, Founder of MISSION.

Ollie Oshodi is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Founder of MISSION, the health and wellness company giving people the tools to make healthier choices, lead more balanced lives and improve their overall health and wellbeing. Formerly Managing Director of a London creative agency specialising in music and entertainment, and having worked in marketing and advertising for over 12 years, Ollie has personally experienced the negative impact of a busy and stressful life on health and happiness. As a result, she is passionate about supporting busy professionals with one-to-one coaching, workshops and events, to promote balance in all areas including nutrition, career, exercise and relationships.

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