Going Natural with Wines and Beers

Looking around King’s Cross, we are surrounded by fabulous bustling late night bars and summer patios and while I love to eat well and stay active, I’ve also always enjoyed a delicious glass of wine. What I have noticed however is that there is a rising demand for natural wines and beers free from animal products and pesticides. So, with the new month comes a new offering at our Maple & King’s site – Maple & Sips.

We have added a curated small selection of natural alcoholic drinks to our offer. Whether it’s a gluten-free beer, a vegan & organic Frizzante or glass of wine, you can now come by and enjoy a drink at Maple & King’s.

We’re not trying to be a bar at all but more a relaxing space to have a drink in peace with friends or colleagues after work or before you head out for dinner. That’s why our offer runs from 4pm to 7pm…we’re the pre-night out/ journey home place to pop to.

I’m a firm believer in balance and whilst Maple & Co’s approach is centred around eating well, enjoying alcohol in moderation is no bad thing! I did a recent interview with Drive, where I talk about my rebellious side. I’m probably not quite the rebel in your view but a tipple now and then is how I relax and unwind….cheers to that. I look forward to seeing you soon. x Adria

Interview with Drive