Hygge – the epitome of winter

Attempted pronunciations from hugs, hi-gi, hygee, ‘jerkily and hygge?’ the Dutch word Hygge (pronounced) “hoo-ga” has of course been a long used word in Holland, which had taken the internet by storm in the recent years.

So what is it? Well let’s be honest, winter sucks. When those leaves start to fall and those fashionable leather jackets start to feel colder and colder you know what’s coming. Minimal possible hours of sun, dark mornings, cold nights accompanied by numb hands and feet with the attempt to layer up to stay warm without looking like a waddling penguin. Yes, winter is upon us. Fortunately, Hygge is the silver lining to this cloud! It is the art of creating joy and cosiness in the depth of winter (or any time of the year really), and one of the only things that make it more bearable. Hygge is about enjoying togetherness, coziness, family and friends, with a rustic charm and warmth – both literally and figuratively.

Here are some top tips from Maple in how you can incorporate more Hygge in your life for the season:

1. Create the atmosphere.

Have the ultimate night in with faux fur blankets, pillows and candles. No matter what kind of house you’re in, candles of all types can instantly change a vibe. It’s that primal, nurturing quality we get from a glowing flame. They don’t call it a warm glow for no reason. Not to mention being buried in some uber soft blankets, whilst your head slowly sinks into pillows.

2. Indulge in your favourite comfort foods and drinks. Make sure they’re hot!

It’s cold outside. So what could be better with warming up with hearty stews, sweets, pudding and drinks! Think hot chocolate, lattes or a sort of mulled/spiced wine.

3. Surround yourself with friends, family and the people you love.

This is potentially one of the most important aspects of hygge. It isn’t really about buying all these new things for your home, it’s about spending that valuable time with the people you love and just being in the present. Whether that be watching a movie together, cooking some simple food, or playing board games.

friends drinking