Guilt-Free Ice Pops

Hello summer weather and welcome easy work-from-home recipes. I love making ice pops / ice lollies at home. You control the sugar amounts, flavours and can easily can be vegan/ dairy free and a great activity with kids.

I had shared this recipe the first time on Sunday Brunch for Pixie Lott and and again now and wow, what different summers we used to have. I hope you are all staying safe and well and enjoying the sunshine this upcoming BH weekend.

Tip: Use any mould. In the past I’ve used cupcake wrappers because I couldn’t find the lolly sticks!

Natural yoghurt (or coconut), 150g
vanilla, 1 tsp
honey or maple syrup, 1-2 tsp
mixed berries, 75g (fresh or frozen)

1. Evenly mix yoghurt, vanilla and honey with a fork. Gently cut or crush berries before adding.
2. Pour into moulds using spouted ladle/ jar/ bowl (or spoon into cupcake wrappers, ice cube tray, or any container! But only filling them up by about 1cm, so you can easily eat when ready)
3. Set in freezer overnight and eat any time whole on cut into pieces for smaller children.