Plate-Up Maple’s Recipes on the App

This cold weather calls for cosy comforting recipes and oooft are we bringing them to you (quite literally). Imagine you could snap your fingers and all of the ingredients needed to make Maple’s tasty dishes had already been selected for you, wouldn’t that be amazing? Unfortunately, we aren’t that technologically advanced yet, but Plate Up is becoming pretty close.

Plate Up launched in the app store a little over a year ago now and it allows you to order ingredients for weekly meal plans, with recipes from top culinary experts, and get them delivered via your chosen supermarket. You can literally do your weekly shop from your sofa, in under 5 minutes – it’s too easy. They have also developed a system that allows you to filter your dietary requirements or select certain meal types to suit your life schedule i.e. Vegan Recipes, Family Favourites, and 500 Calories or Less. Em, tell me more?!

Recently we have partnered with Plate Up again to launch ten brand new kitchen-cosy recipes on their app and we’re giving you a sneak peek of the flavoursome favourites we have picked for y’all.  

Vibrant Eats

Brighten up your day with our Vibrant Eat menu, five exciting dishes that are bursting with natural colour, packed full of nutrients to show your body some internal love.  Choose from our dreamy breakfast options such as Smoked Mackerel & Poached Eggs to our dinner time favourites like Maple’s Thai Lamb Curry.

Smoked Mackerel & Poached Eggs | Walnut Crusted Salmon Cakes with Green Life Salad | Immunity Grain Bowl with Chicken | Thai Lamb Curry | Sweet Potato Poutine

Veggie Delights

These five veggie dishes are super tasty and adaptable for Vegans. Post-Veganuary, continue your plant-powered dishes with our Veggie Delights menu. Dahl Shakshuka is coming in HOT for the breakfast option and boy is it good! After that, treat yourself in the evening to one of our most wholesome recipes with Maple’s Lentil Risotto.

Dahl Shakshuka | Purple Sprouting Broccoli Salad | Warm Tofu Noodle Bowl | Vegan Burger | Lentil Risotto

If you are tired of the repetitive, uninspiring, and time-consuming nature of weekly food shops then this app is a godsend to you. Have Maple’s (plus hundreds of other) tasty recipes to hand, get the ingredients placed in the check out for you, have them delivered from your preferred local supermarket, then straight to your home. Check them out or download the app today for £1.99 per month.

Naomi Baird