Maple’s Sustainable Brand Partners You Should Know About

Supporting sustainable brands is a great way to do our bit for the environment and support our global communities. At maple and Co we pride ourselves on working with companies that champion both our health and the planet. In honour of World Earth day we wanted to share some of our favourites brands, who are all out to change the world for the better! We have also told you exactly where to order them at maple and Co, so you don’t miss out.

CanO Water

A great way to kick off our list! CanO Water is an environmentally friendly way to buy water on the go. 

A whopping 13 billion plastic bottles are used each year in the UK, many of which end up in landfill or the ocean. After three friends witnessed the detrimental impacts plastic waste has on our planet whilst on their travels, CanO water was born.

These aluminium cans are great for both the environment and our health as each can is made from eco friendly, resealable materials that are ‘infinitely recyclable.’ The company states that after recycling your can it will reappear on the shelf in as little as 6 weeks.

Order here: On Deliveroo and UberEats.

Coconut Collaborative

Coconut Collaborative is a small British company of coconut lovers who create yogs and puds that are SO delicious you would not believe they are made from the humble plant. They use the freshest coconuts that are farmed ethically and full of natural goodness. All their products are 100% recyclable and FSC certified. The company also works with Pur Project and local communities to plant thousands of trees across Southeast Asia, that helps to support our fragile ecosystem and provides a sustainable income for everyone involved.

Where you’ll find them: We use their classic coconut yoghurt across many of our dishes including, our vegan slaw, garlic dressing and breakfast granola pots.


From cheap, sugary junk food, to cacao rich, nutrient dense super bars, Ombar is on a mission to change the way the world views chocolate, and we are here for it! As a company, they strive to be empowered, healthy, mindful and bold, an ethos that reflects our values at maple & Co. All their products are vegan friendly and made from natural and sustainably sourced ingredients. Their cacao is sourced directly from farmers’ cooperatives and they are certified fair trade which is a testament to their commitment towards a positive and sustainable change. 

The Ombar cacao bars are undeniably delicious, and if you haven’t tried one yet, well… you’re missing out. 

Order here: Maple at CNM. (College of Naturopathic Medicine).


4. BrewDog Beer

“Great beer that’s great for the planet.”

 BrewDog makes eco-friendly and expertly crafted beers and alcoholic drinks. As a certified B Corp, sustainability is at the heart of their business. All their drinks are made from fully recycled and recyclable aluminum cans and glass bottles. In 2020 they became carbon neutral by switching to renewable energy, cutting air travel and using electric delivery vehicles. 

They strive for positive environmental change, but never compromise on taste, sourcing the finest malted barley and hops from some of the world’s best producers.

Where you’ll find them: In house at Maple at the Gate and on Deliveroo and UberEats

5. Packaging Environmental

We couldn’t finish our list without a shout out to our amazing packaging suppliers! Packaging Environmental makes all their food and drink packaging using renewable materials with the aim of making it 100% circular. In other words, keeping materials in use and out of nature! 

Where you’ll find them:

On all our maple and Co eat in and takeaway packaging.

By working with many different sustainable food brands over the years, we’ve been able to support their incredible, planet-positive efforts, while enjoying their delicious products. When it comes to our own sustainability story, there’s still so much to discover...

India Matthews